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I am not just not posting, I am actually working on some new changes! They are almost complete then I can share them with everyone!


I just had to share a website that I drool over all the time!  I love to be organized and clean in my office, maybe a little too much.  I love to get on this site and dream about empty in boxes and labeled file folders.  See Jane Work has some super cute office supplies to make sitting in your office or cubical all the more enjoyable.  They have everything you would ever need, but with a more sophisticated style.  Here are some of my favorites right now:
This mouse pad has a nonslip bottom but then the top is a to-do list that you can write on and tear off when you finish it!  Ingenious!

 When I was making my transition to Burlington Sarah was one of the first of Austin’s friends I met.  We clicked instantly with our honest opinions and sense of humor!  She was kind enough to ask me to take her family portraits a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance.  When the day finally rolled around it we had the worst fog I have ever seen in January, lets just say I was really bummed, but Sarah is a trooper (reason #253 I love her!) and still wanted to meet up.  We decided that we would do two different session that way we could get some sunny shots too, but I have to say that the winter fog is a-ma-zing!  The whole gang was so good for me too, we did funny faces, animal noises, tag, peeka boo, pretty much anything to get a smile, but hey that is why I love my job!  Sarah, I hope you enjoy this session and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for your next! 


Seriously, can anyone else see model potential in this kid??  Just wait till you see his serious pose.  This is natural people, you can’t teach it.



Please restrain yourself from pinching your screen…yes I know he is just that cute!




She is as ornery as she looks 🙂

Hello Brown Eyes.




Once again, thank you Noonan Family for inviting me to be apart of your life!

 It is cold.  I know that every other blog I have been reading says the same thing.  I hate it.  Did I mention that?  HATE.  HATE IT.  Zoe doesn’t really like it either.  When I let her out in the morning she looks at me with beggars eyes and curses me with her pant.  I need to wash my car, but it is too cold.  I need to take out all my trash in the back room, but it is too cold.  I need to give Zoe a bath, but it is too cold.  I need to get outside and exercise, but it is too cold. 

I want to take my clients outside again, but no one wants to pose in the freezing snow, and honestly my fingers go numb while I hold my camera.  Maybe we are having this frigged winter to make me appreciate Spring and Summer all the much more.  I appreciate you Summer, and I miss you dearly.  Please come home.

 I wanted to share a beautiful newborn book with everyone!  I worked on this book for a good amount of time, I am a little OCD when it comes to making sure all of my products are the highest quality possible.  This will be a keepsake for the Walker Family for a lifetime and I am honored they allowed me to document it. 


If you are interested in booking a session, please feel free to contact me anytime!




I hate to admit it, I always said I wouldn’t give in, but I did.  I hang my head low in shame.  I thought it was funny when I first moved to Burlington that everyone had a Blackberry, I mean EVERYONE!  I thought HA they can’t go anywhere with out their crackberry.  Well I have joined them, I am now the official owner of a Blackberry curve. 
It is a disease. 
I check it when I wake up.
Get out of the shower.
Walk to work.
After I check my e-mail at work (I KNOW!)
At lunch
Every 10 minutes at work
Walking home from work
After I check my e-mail at home
After dinner
After a rerun of Housewives of (insert city)
Before Bed
When I wake up in the middle of the night
I have my photography e-mail and work e-mail sent to it so I can stay in the know at all times, but it is really becoming annoying that I am so obsessed!  Hello my name is Kelli, and I am a blackberry addict. 


Here is a prefect example of the new Valentines Day cards!
I can’t wait to use this cute little wallet Valentines Day cards!  All they are is a template for wallets and you can pick whatever picture you want on them!  So cute and cheap!  They don’t cost any more than normal wallets and that is $8.00 for 8! 
If you are interested in ordering some from your session please contact me no later than February 7!


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